Ice Monitor Sign-Up Instructions

  1. Pick which date/time slots you want to monitor.
  2. Access the Monitor Calendar by clicking the skates icon located below.
  3. Select the day you want to monitor and click the + on the calendar date you wish to add your name, or click the "Add" link in the lower left hand corner of the calendar.
  4. Fill in your name under Title and Description.
  5. The Email and Phone Number fields are optional.
  6. In the Category drop-down field select the Ice Monitor category
  7. Select time. The date will automatically default to the date you selected. If there is already someone signed up for that time/date slot, please select another time/date.
  8. When complete select "Save the Event".
  9. When saved the window will change to show completion. Select "close" to exit the event. Your entry will be added immediately.
  10. You may close the calendar window at any time to return to the main site
If you need help please e-mail [email protected].

Click the icon below to go to the Ice Monitor Sign-Up Calendar (window can be resized)

Ice Monitor Schedule